We carefully measure all rooms of the building, prepare an individually optimised offer and advise you comprehensively. Our range of services guarantees the professional execution of all painting, varnishing and wallpapering work. In addition to the usual painter finishes, we also offer a wide range of variants such as wiping and glazing techniques, as well as plastering and spatula techniques. The use of water-soluble and environmentally friendly inks is of particular concern to us.


In order to remove dry rot, a professional treatment and disposal of the attacked wood parts and masonry parts is necessary. In addition, the damaged areas must be dried after renovation and treated with suitable protective agents. The masonry can be painted with a sponge barrier or the protective agent can be applied with a borehole impregnation. If necessary, newly installed wood must be impregnated.


As a reliable company for remodelling and renovations of apartments and houses, we also take over the professional cleaning of buildings. During the entire construction period there are always appropriate intermediate cleanings and after completion of all construction or renovation measures, our cleaning team carries out the necessary cleanings. Not only is the final handover tidied up and cleaned, but all construction waste is also disposed of professionally.


Demolition work and gutting are often an essential part of old building renovation work. We carry them out according to a plan and take all necessary precautions. For disposal the common infrastructure is set up, as well as roll-off containers in different sizes. We dispose of the hazardous waste and all other waste professionally.


We make the aesthetic and modern design of your object our task. Old wooden windows and doors are professionally renovated and adapted to current thermal and sound insulation standards. Fittings are lovingly reworked, polished or replaced similar to the original. For new windows and doors, we keep a wide range of different well-known manufacturers ready for you.


In the context of the old building renovations we offer the clearing out of your residential and business objects. Our efficient complete service includes all necessary work, including the dismantling of all installations, as well as the removal of mobile inventory. Household appliances, electrical appliances, floor coverings and bulky waste are disposed of professionally and in an environmentally friendly manner.


Our service portfolio includes the ordering, delivery and commissioning of electrical and lighting installations for the entire project area. With many years of experience and creative ideas, we advise our customers on scalable solutions. In addition, we offer measurements, documentation, retesting and maintenance, because customer service is important to us.


We attach great importance to having a realistic view of all details of the building and renovation dimensions in order to offer our customers planning and price security. The modernisation of building services occupies a dominant position. Heating and sanitary installations should meet the latest aesthetic and economic standards, for the sake of money and the environment.


On the basis of solid craftsmanship, we use modern materials and production methods and thus offer our customers a modern, high-quality standard for all joinery and woodwork. Individual designs play an important role especially in the field of old building renovation, with which we have gained many years of experience.


The complete renovation of bathrooms is our speciality. We also have many years of experience in this field and the corresponding specialist knowledge. Every object requires individual planning. Here we cooperate with well-known manufacturers from all over the world in order to fulfil even the most exclusive customer wishes. Special and custom-made products can be implemented at any time. We lay tile and natural stone floors of all kinds.


Appearance and condition of the parquet floor, the frequency of use, as well as the type of cleaning play an important role in the choice of parquet floor sealing. As an experienced company, we help you to make the right decision. When oiling and waxing, we recommend using only high-quality, natural materials. Varnishes are particularly suitable for heavy-duty parquet and plank floors.


A screed is the construction of the floor as a subfloor for floor coverings. Depending on room temperature and humidity, the drying time of the screed can be considerably extended. This is why dry screeds are often used in the renovation of old buildings. However, suitability depends on various factors, such as the vibration behaviour of the substructure and the covering material. We advise you.


In dry construction, a variety of wall and ceiling systems, including fire and noise protection, are used. All wall and ceiling systems are also available with higher fire protection requirements (up to fire protection class F180). We exclusively use materials from renowned manufacturers to create high-quality system constructions.


Due to many years of experience in the repair of wooden floors, historical parquet and plank floors are part of our field of expertise. We also lay floor coverings such as pre-finished parquet, laminate, linoleum, plastic planks, carpets and sisal or coconut runners. We always advise our clients, independent of manufacturer, for a functional, stylish and durable solution.


Masonry, plastering, filling and stucco work are combined in the renovation of old buildings. Here it also depends on empirical values and knowledge in building history, with the aim of preserving and underlining the character of the object as far as possible. Details like ceiling stucco are lovingly reworked. The refurbishment work includes waterproofing of buildings and balcony renovations.